20 Days of Gold Making Day 12

This is in response to the post 20 Days of Gold Making – Community Idea from Auction House Addict.

Question #12 is: What was your biggest ‘oops’ moment?

Oh, well, it’s funny you should ask.

All week I have been trying to think of a big ‘oops’ but I couldn’t think of one. I’ve made a few mistakes but nothing that big. I was going to write something lame about how maybe my biggest folly is that I am just too cautious to make the big mistakes and therefore might miss out on some big rewards as well…

It seems fate has intervened.

Last night I accidentally sold a Sulfuron Hammer for 2000g. Yup, that’s only 3 zeros on there.

I have had it listed at 24999g bid and buyout for a while now. It appears that at some point I inadvertently changed the bid to somewhere around 2000g. I’m not sure how, or how long it had been like that. With all my fancy addons and all the rapid clickity-clickity that makes posting tons of auctions really quick and easy I didn’t notice this tiny little discrepancy. Until I looked at the mobile AH app and saw that a purple item had sold…for just a little less than I intended.


Well, live and learn. Congrats to them on getting a great deal. I hope they enjoy it.

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