20 Days of Gold Making Day 15

This is in response to the post 20 Days of Gold Making – Community Idea from Auction House Addict.

Question #15 is: Professions – do you have all of them, some or none? Which is your favorite for goldmaking?

I have Leatherworking, Skinning, Blacksmithing, Mining, and Engineering at 600. I’m just about finished leveling Jewelcrafting (currently 569). I’m getting the remaining points with research while I figure out how to make gold with it. I have a level 67 with Tailoring at 450 and just over 100 in Enchanting. Enchanting is my next push.

My favorite for gold making so far is Leatherworking, mostly because it was my only profession for gold making until recently. I know the Leatherworking items the best and my leatherworker has been to more places and maxed more reputations to get more valuable recipes. I have made tons of gold on crafted PVP mail and leather armor. I am thinking about giving that market a break for a bit while the other LWs undercut each other to the price of the mats.

Blacksmithing and Engineering are recent additions. My blacksmith is selling the PVP armor only. I haven’t really had a chance to figure out what else is valuable or gather recipes or anything. My engineer is only doing the Tinker’s Gears because again, I haven’t had a chance to figure out what else is valuable. It seems like there might be a market for the engineering pets. Also I plan to farm the rep for Schematic: Mekgineer’s Chopper.

I’ve just started leveling enchanting and it seems to make a lot of sense to me. I want to have Enchanting and Jewelcrafting ready to go when 5.2 hits so I can take advantage of the demand brought about by the new gear.

I don’t really use Skinning and Mining to make gold since I don’t really like farming. Mining does give me the choice between ore or bars for Blacksmithing and Engineering since I can smelt the ore myself if it is cheaper.

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