20 Days of Gold Making Day 16

This is in response to the post 20 Days of Gold Making – Community Idea from Auction House Addict.

Question #16 is: Flipping! Do you flip stuff regularly or sometimes? Big ticket items or smaller high volume stuff?

I flip occasionally. Most often I flip things I am already selling if I see someone else posting them for much less than they are worth.

Otherwise, I only flip things when I stumble upon them. I don’t have an organized method of finding undervalued items. I really only find them when I am looking for something in particular and notice that it, or something similar, is being sold at a lower than expected price.

I think flipping definitely has some potential to be worth the effort if streamlined with the right TSM automation. It’s on my todo list. So many things on my todo list. I’m definitely going to pay close attention to what some of the more experienced gold makers have to say about this.

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