Lil’ Oondasta in 5 clicks

…or “How to Hustle a Hustler”

Patch 5.4 brings Little Tommy Newcomer to the pet battle scene. Around my house we call him “Little Tommy Hustler.” Here are some quotes to illustrate my meaning:

“I only have one pet! I hope that’s ok!”
“Go easy on me!”
“Your pet fell down!”

Little Tommy’s “only” pet is Lil’ Oondasta; a “boss” pet that is every bit as ridiculous as regular Oondasta. Just like regular Oondasta, attempting this with a team filled with a bunch of random yahoos is going to be somewhere between frustrating and futile. Before you keep reading, try Lil’ Oondasta a few times. If you can’t come up with a team that works, read on.

You’ll need a Clockwork Gnome with Build Turret. You’ll need either a Zandalari Anklerender or a Zandalari Kneebiter with Black Claw and Hunting Party. Your third pet can be anything at all as long as it has lower HP than the raptor. Make it something like a low level gray snake so Tommy will think you’re a total noob. The third pet is only here to manipulate Lil’ Oondasta’s force swap ability.

Click 1: Build Turret. Lil’ Oondasta will use Frill Blast, pushing your Clockwork Gnome out and pulling your raptor in. Now lull Tommy into a false sense of security: “Oh wow Little Tommy, I wasn’t expecting that neat trick. Whatever is my little raptor going to do against your giant augmented dinosaur?”

Click 2: Black Claw. Keep laying it on, for effect: “Oops, that one didn’t do any damage. This is sooooo hard.”

Click 3: Hunting Party. Your raptor will get through at least 1 round of hunting party before being killed. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 2 rounds. It doesn’t really matter though because Turret + Black Claw + Shattered Defenses = like totally a ton of damage. Little Tommy might start to realize what is happening at this point. This is where you look him straight in the eye and say something like “Hmmm…guess I got lucky with that one.”

Click 4: Select your Clockwork Gnome after your raptor dies. There is potential to swap in a leveler here as well, but I haven’t explored this to any depth. Depending on the status of your third pet, this click may not be necessary.

Click 5: Pass. Yup, unless your Clockwork Gnome has a Dance Mockingly button. Mine doesn’t, unfortunately. You can click Build Turret again if you want to. I sometimes do. Unless you were somehow very unlucky, putting up the second turret isn’t necessary. Lil’ Oondasta isn’t going to survive the first one.

Now rub it in a little: “Oh wait, was I allowed to use 3 pets in that fight, I didn’t even realize.” “Well, anyway, thanks for the coins kid.” “Maybe I’ll let you try again tomorrow.” Or something like that.

That’s how you hustle this hustler.

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